Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Project 0: Upgrade your Wetware Final

This is my final poster in this Wet Ware upgrade project. My inspiration was mentioned in a previous post in how it was very much inspired by 'Ghost in the Shell' an anime film/series set in a cyberpunk world where humans have assimilated themselves with technology, and follows the exploits and missions of a group of enhanced soldiers that act as the world's cops/detectives/soldiers all in name of stopping cyber war criminals and other forms of cyber warfare.

The basis of my Wet Ware upgrade is not that much different from the series above because it is a great example of the possibility of where our future is headed as a society what with the constant need to upgrade technology and why not ourselves along the way. 'The Handheld' is pretty much a built in computer accessory all in one: A built in chip in the wrist that displays a keyboard for easy access, a 'thumb drive' to access the nearest port to log into a web interface, and a solar panel built into the back of the hand to keep it charged without using manual electricity. I think this would make an excellent upgrade in carrying around a much needed tool in this day and age without the hassle of carrying more than necessary on ones person.

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