Sunday, January 10, 2016


For this project, we were to create the possible 'Upgrade' one would receive to enhance themselves in a way to adapt to the constant change and upgrading we all experience when introduced to a new for m of technology. Examples like the Six Million Dollar Man and the Borgs from Star Trek is the best way to describe what it means to upgrading your 'Wet ware'. For me the best example of 'Wetware would be the 'Ghost in the Shell' series.
'Ghost in the Shell' is a cyberpunk anime set in a not so distant future where mankind has slowly integrated themselves with technology whether by choice, or by our main protagonist, Major Motako Kusanagi whom after an accident when she was a child had her brain placed cybernetically through a robotic brain. (Mature Content Below)

(Major Motako)

(Motako's Cyborg Body)

(Cybernetic Brain)

(Enhanced Hands for searching/hacking faster)

My idea, not quite as advanced but a start in a way, is to have an implanted transmitter that creates a holographic keyboard that links into a computer interface so one can be attuned in typing and searching the web. And the 'thumb drive' started as a bad pun, then actually turned into a cool idea. In the center of the palm there would be a solar panel to power the device and not drain on electricity and would be a full charge at all times, and would still be a functioning hand at the same time due to the indiscretion of the device itself kind of like wrist tattoo.


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