Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 2: Debrief/Intro to Project 1: Integrate, Interact, Intervene

Intro to Project 1: Integrate, Interact, Intervene

In this project we will be working in groups of no more than three, and create a simple electronic circuit and find a place in public where it does not belong.

  • What will you need to make the device integrate/interact/intervene within the environment?
  • Why there?
  • What is the function?
  • Will it scream out for attention or fade into the surroundings?
  • Will it make statement?
Document the Project for your Blog:

  • Write a narrative of the experience(s)
  • Post visual evidence: Images are good, but video, stop motion animation, etc. are more effective to communicate a complex interaction.
  • The presentation will be done in a class critique

In Class Work:

We made our very first Breadboards, a solder less circuit board that makes two lights blink intermittently. Afterwards, we experimented with resistors to see the difference of speeds in the lights.


Make a 'Read and Response' post to these articles:

  • Art of Noise
  • Electric Body Manipulation

Also, go over the videos on how to correctly use the soldering irons we'll start using next week

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