Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 3: Discussion on Art of Noise and Electric Body Manipulation

  • Discussion on 'The Art of Noise' by Futurist Artist Luigi Russolo, and the concepts of 'aesthetic' and 'What is noise?' as he questioned and challenged the idea of 'sound' during a time of great change of the early 1900's
  • During World War II, people began to emerge from the woodworks, and worked on radar and radio systems
  • Theremin- An operator that created and instrument dubbed the 'Theremin' where it emits radio signals between two antennas, and a person manipulates these waves between there hands and play music
  • Theremin discovered this working in radio technology, and has been pinnacle of the 1950-'s scifi era sound, and is used into today's music/art world

  • Jump 70 years forward, and we meet Reed Ghazala- One of the forefathers of new electronic noise art
  • Ghazala is the forefather of 'Circuit Bending' a form of noise art where one takes apart circuit boards, speak and spells, and other forms of electronics and bending the sounds that emit from it, and experimenting with shorting out the circuit power, and lengthening, and thus coming up with the 'Electronic Art' music
  • Ghazala comments how this became a very important tool in the subculture of the arts (i.e. The Speak and Spell) and how by misappropriating and changing what has been in placed by 'polite society', he challenges what is proper and what is not with bending the circuits that have been created solely for one purpose, and changing it into something else
  • By bending the circuit, you change what is considered 'consistent' and 'marketable'; While some hate the idea of something not doing what it was designed for, Ghazala was more excited for what is could become
Electric Body Manipulation as Performance Art Discussion 
  • 1700's scientist Stephen Gray discovers the electric current, and uses it to perform feats of science such as suspending a child above metal shavings, electrically charge them , and watch as the metal shavings would float/suspend between the child and the plates they sat on
  • This was an early form of 'Magic Shows' as they would show these experiments to learned people and put on a show
  • This was considered the first form of Electric Body Art where the Human Body is nothing but a Human Conductor
  • Eventually, it would change as the study of the electric current was further tested and studied, and how it would be turned into a lethal form of being used to control animals like elephants, and the invention of the Electric Chair for executions of convicted persons
  • Westing House system-Alternating Current
  • Edison- Direct Current
  • Giovanni Aldini would discover during the 1800's that the human body would be manipulated through small amounts of electrical current, and could be used to affect our inner psychological thinking
  • It does work on some occasions, even though it;s considered very horrific, but could be used as a sort of stimulation of muscles and possibly used to help with our mental states
  • Duchenne de Bologne spearheaded this movement
  • By the 20th century, Stelarc, a writer of this article, would continue this practice and use electric currents to manipulate his body as a form of performance art
  • Elsanaar, writer 2, goes on with it and says' The human body is outdated; It's time to upgrade'

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