Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 4: TNM Circuit Intro

For our next soldering project, we made a 'Noise Circuit'. Created by Reed Ghazala when he accidentally bent a circuit creating a strange noise that wasn't intended, he created 'Circuit Bending' and this a new form of art and music was formed. We're doing the same by making our own 'Noise Circuits' following the basic process from the blink circuit by trying it out with a Breadboard first to hear what 'pleasing' noises we can make.

For this project, I followed Circuit Diagram #2:

What you'll Need:

            • Solderless Breadboard
            • Two 10k Resistors
            • Two Capacitors ranging from 100uF-200uF (This helps make different sounds when you touch the wires)
            • LM386 IC Chip
            • One small speaker
            • Battery Circuit Attachment
            • Touch Point Wires
            • 9V Battery

As before with the blinky circuit, attach your smaller components firs paying close attention to where each leg attach the ground and the IC chip

And by adding your jumper cables to attach the electricity throughout the board, and the jumper cables for touching and there you are! The board will make noise if you attach the battery, but will change noises if you touch the wires so that your body acts as a conduit, and it should start changing noises and chirps and whistles.

And that's me having more fun than I should

And this is what it sounds like:

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