Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 6: Debrief

Discussion on Hertzian Tales
  • Hegemony: the common way the dominant forces play in our society
  • Cryptocurrency: a form of currency that compares cyrptography software the exchange unique changes of value; provides people a way to exchange value for things that is extremely secure for people to use
  • Bitcoin: a type of currency introduced a few years back
  • Dunne's Thesis
  • Lost Object? Theoretical frames that have been applied
  • Why is it Lost?
  • Technological Perspective- Has it ever caused you problems? 
  • Instrumental as method/aesthetic
  • It has the expediency of the technological object ever caused you a problem?

'The Treachery of Images- Ceci n'est past une pipe', Magritte
  • Semiotics- as a design strategy; the study of signs\
  • Material Culture Theory
  • Design as Theory
  • Design-Synthesis of the preceding and experimentation
  • Manzaiu and Susani claim that culture is grasping for material representations in an increasingly immaterial world
  • By combining material, semiotic, and instrumentality strategies for the new 'objectology' 
  • The 'Object' of itself
  1. Packages
  2. Fusions
  3. Dematerialization

On Off, 1988, Alberto Meda, Denis Santachiara
  • A new take on modern fluidity, and making a organic shape to something so mechanical
  • Kuntsflug: argued that there was no need for real material objects
  • 'The Electronic Room: Programmable Appearances': a place where one could project images onto a wall and have a different wall everyday (Holodeck aka Star Trek)
  • The Post-Optimal; argues for the rejection of instrumentality, signifiers, cultural function, or that we break from efficiency, optimization
(in)Human Factors
  • Dunne begins to explore to explore the assumptions we have about the H in Human Machine Interaction design
  • Argues that we have become inculcated in narrow 'genericizations' through mass design
  • As we have idealized the workplace 'improving productivity and efficiency'
  • Noise Project: 
  1. Transparency vs. Opacity
  2. Pet vs. The Alien
  3. Prose vs. Poetry

Brionvega ST201 TV, 1969, Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper
  • A minimalist cube modern design that functioned as not only a source of entertainment but can be tucked away to not distract and be a form of artwork

'Adelbrecht', 1988-2000, Martin Spanjaard

  • An interactive, talking robotic sphere that relied on human touch and social interaction to maintain a happy manifestation (BB-8's Drunk co-dependant Uncle)
'Moonbot in the Hood', Mike Winter
  • An example of interactive robotics and what could possibly be in our future
  • Teledeldonics

Dunne & Raby, 'Technological Dream Series: No 1, Robots', 2007

  • This series was their way of making us have a conversation of what was to be expected of a futuristic world, and a look into the objects that we will need in a depleting world
  • This 'Robotic' girl interrogates these objects in a way that reflects on her function
  • Speculative Design- a way to look into creating things that can help with future problems

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