Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 6: Project 01- Integrate, Interact, and Intervene,

For this project, we were to create a piece that involved all that we had learned from creating throwies and blinky lights and make something that made people want to be engaged or interested in the piece. For our project, we had a hard time trying to figure out what we were going to do and where we were going to put it for documentation. Our first idea came from Tony and Jennifer, my partners. to design some type of fur suit that light up and we'd jump out of the bushes and such for people to interact with. But with what time we had, and how complicated that seemed we moved on. So, then, I came up with an idea that spurred from last semester's class where one group made a huge light board of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and one person made a smaller lightboard and depicted 'The Little Dipper' constellation. I came up with this:

This is the 'Cygnus' constellation, and it would be light up with white, with blue tips on a blackboard that have small painted stars, and some would blink... or that was the plan. Also, thre would be a pee line comingn ou the back of it, and we'd place it in the girls bathroom.

FOr this project, all we needed were circuits boards to reset, about 10-15 LED lights, a blackborad to set it on, and three partners for everything to go to shit.

We grabbed some leftover PCB boards from the Van Gogh project, and were planning to desolder them to add on different light colors. Since my blinky project worked on the first go, and I knew how to desolder, I was left to getting these to work. Needless to say, I was Icarus and flew to close to the sun.

(Me after trying to find myself into a higher place after a couple of hours)

(Kayla tried to help)

So we, or should I say I, gave up on the blinky project after fiddleing with it, and failing for the week, and we just decided to have regular LED throwies stuck through the board instead. 

I took the board home, and painted on the stars and punched the holes through, and grabbed some batteries that were still working from the Van Gogh project; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I met with Toni before her class started and we stuck the lights through without attaching the batteries to save power, and left them in her and Jen's hands as I had to run off to my class.

From what I understand, we couldn't put it in the girls bathroom (LAME!) and my group decided to leave it above a TV in the Argo Gallery at a separate table, and documented from afar.

Here are the results:

I was not expecting someone to just take it that made me laugh.

The project itself has a subtly to it that would seem like any piece you'd hand in a space to give it a little life, and placing something so alien in the Commons area of course would gain some attention outside of the art building where you can always expect something to happen that it become mundane. It functions as more of a piece of artwork to be gazed upon, aside from that one girl, rather than something to touch and an action where to happen.

The experience itself involved a lot of failure, mostly n my part when involving the circuit boards, but it is also something I can take into the next project with the noise circuit project. Overall, I did have fun in coming up with ideas, and working my team to try and figure out this project, and it's fun to turn a pice of work and make it involved with a circuit to give it just a little something extra.

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