Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week 7: Debrief
  • Short Term Project- search through this website, find a good one, bad one, and absolutely horrible one, and put them in the blog
  • This will help with creating a rubric for when we have our final project where we create an instructables post
  • Fart controlled channel changer
  • Randofo- creates a device hidden within a hoodie that has infrared LED to block out camera sensors
  • Gravitational Waves Detection- SCIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENCE!!!
  • We will be creating interfaces, setting up Arduinos, and understanding a publishing layout for instructables
Arduino Notes:
  • 2004- New Media Study emerges in Ivrea, Italy
  • Micro Controller- 8081 (60's)- created these controllers create new forms of electronics (Grandfather to the modern day smart phone)
  • Prototyping Platform- All the computing and control happens on the Arduino chord 2028 chip
  • Massimo Banzai- Founder of the Arduino project
  • Arduino: A/The Documentary (Vimeo)
  • Instructables- There are at least 121 pages/10,000 projects on creating something involving the Arduino
  • website we should get very well aquatinted with 
Final Project Prompt:
  • Must have Arduino
  • Use sensors
  • Have an analog input that can be activated by viewer (i.e. switch)
  • Does something Physical
  • We have a chart to help us with deciding on our expense rate when we start collecting items for our final project that we can find through our blogs
  • Expense vs. Selection
  • Pt. 2- Post our final project onto Instructables as a series or tutorials so that others may follow it
  • Record, document, and record everything we do with this project to show an exhaustive demonstration of the product
Documenting the Project:
  • Phototgrphas and IMages
  • LIghintg and Stabalizing the camera to make it clear
  • Diagrams and Drawings 
  • Videos and gifs
  • Be honest about the project and write down the good, the bad, and the ugly of doing the project
  • The narrative should be compelling and to the point
  • Watch out for spelling and grammer
  • Add the materials-Even add links
  • Sources in the sense of what inspired you would be awesome as well
  • (All of this as well could get us vey close to a full marks in grading)
Next Week:
  • Bring in a small electronic object for class
  • Small, doesn't take up too much energy, but does plug into the wall
  • Bring it in on Monday

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