Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 9: Debrief

Arduino Notes:


  • TempRead= senorPin1
  • tempRead= 50;
  • greenLed= tempRead* .33
When you make a database, there is a list, and they're called 'arrays'
  • arrays- list
  • int  myArray[)- square bases always denote and 'array'; it just tells you that this variable is an array
  • {}- holds the list (value1,value2,value3)
  • comma/ ','- delineates each of the values
    • etc.- int myArray[5]
  • This is called a Declaration
    • myArray[4]= 10;
  • x= myArray[10]
  • Example: Declare an Array of bytes
    • byte flicker[]= {180, 30, 255, 200, 10, 90, 150, 60}
  • OWM- on the Arduino, the Pulse, Width, and 
  • &&= 'or'
Constants- PI, TRUE, FALSE

if (b=TRUE){
do this now;

if (var<=32){
do something(;



  • }
else if(var<=45 && var>=22)}
  • {



for ( initial; condition; expression ){



This week was definitely a focus on starting and understanding how to use our Arduino's coding and processing and how we going to be introducing it into our final projects as it is required for it. I'm liking it because I've done coding before in the introductory classes for digital art, but it's definitely going very fast into what we're going to have to do for the final project. By next week, we are to come up with some ideas for our final, and pitch them to the class and our teacher for discussion.

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