Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 13: Debrief

Putting it Together:

So after messing around with coding during last week, and just trying to get an understanding of the language, I moved on to doing the soldering needed for the LED's. What you'll need:


Addressable LED strip
Soldering Iron and Solder
Red,Black,Blue and Green Wire
Wire Strippers
Copper Scrub
Something to cut the strips and wires

I cut my strips to have 8 LED's per line

For this project, I had 8 lines so that I could create an easy box shape to work with in coding it. I'd suggest you tape down your LED's onto a flat surface so that it's easier to solder, and your wires don't move around and possibly snap in transit.

You're going to want to pretin your LED strips at where the copper links are to make it easier when you attach your wires.

I started my wires about this long, but realized because they're going to work as a chain and bend a bit, they need to be a little over and inch so that there's no stress on the line.

And here you have the build of LED's before we move on to coding.

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