Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 15: Debrief

Putting it Together:

After putting the box together, I decided to paint it with an ebony wood stain my mom's boyfriend had on hand.

I actually didn't like the way it was turning out so I decided to paint over it with Acrylic Gesso

Much better.

This is my friend whom I coerced into helping me even though she was already done with finals and school in general.

After it dries, mark where you're going to place your LED's according to how they will appear through the grid.

(Don't know why that keeps flipping but okay)

I took the box and traced out the box, and used a metal ruler and push blade to cut into the plexiglass and snap it off.

I used this frosting spray on the glass, and it turned out beautifully. 

For the breadboard, I slide it into the whole, and let the Arduino and battery pack hide underneath the box.

And here's a vid of how it works:

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